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UNICEF’s Children of Syria Fund:

the largest humanitarian operation in world history.

Fall 2014

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During the fall season of 2014, The After School Special will focus exclusively on the country of Syria. So look forward to rich, delicious recipes centered around fresh bounty of the earth and accentuated with a tapestry of tantalizing spices from the heart of the spice trade!

If you enjoy this small taste of Syrian culture, I encourage you to give back to Syria by supporting children who are growing up in a war-torn country without easy access to food, clean water, medicine, clothing or books. The After School Special Syria fundraiser gives to UNICEF’s charity for the children of Syria, which is the largest humanitarian relief effort in human history. By donating to children in Syria today, you are helping them grow to be strong leaders of tomorrow who will promote peace and stability in the world. But they can’t do it without basic necessities and access to education. So let’s create awareness and lend a helping hand to make a difference.

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Do not fret if you are unable to donate at the moment! You can make a difference by spreading the word about The After School Special blog ( to friends and family who might be interested!

For more about UNICEF’s Children of Syria fund, please see below:

U.S. Fund for UNICEF wrote –

More than 5 million children are affected by the brutal conflict in Syria, which is now in its third year. Children have been put at risk by unrelenting violence, a crumbling infrastructure, ruined schools and hospitals and shortages of essential supplies. In some areas, UNICEF is maintaining the entire water supply.

To help Syria’s children, UNICEF has helped mobilize the largest humanitarian operation in history—supplying food, water, education, clothing and critical immunizations in Syria and neighboring countries.

UNICEF is fighting to protect Syrian children, but we need your help. Donate to help UNICEF meet their urgent needs or create a fundraising page and ask your friends and family to help children in Syria.

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